If you worked on Monday this week at this office please record the times
The time the temp started working on this date
Lunch breaks are not paid, so please note lunch time.
The time the temp stopped working on this date
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Auxiliary (Temporary): I certify that the time worked, as shown, is true and accurate, and was worked by me during the days in the indicated week, and was properly certified by the dentist or the dentist's representative. Further acceptance of employment from this office, either permanent or temporary, must be directly arranged by Temporary Fill Ins North. I am responsible for all tax obligations as well as my actions while on the job.
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1a Charges for the services provided under this agreement will be billed at the rate specified in the rate schedule effective on the date this voucher is signed. 2. Payment shall be made to the temporary of Temporary Fill-Jns North, hereafter referred to as TFI-N, at the end of each day or within 7 days if being mailed. TFI-N will be paid within 30 days of billing. 3. All requests for TFI-N temporaries shall be made through TFI-N. Offices are not allowed to contac.t TFI-N temporaries. lfa TFI­N temporary is hired for temporary of permanent work by the dental office signing this voucher, or anyone through his/her directive, that dentist agrees to pay TFI-N Its current effective daily or permanent placement fees. Temporaries are under contract with TFJ-N for one year from date services were rendered to doctor's office. 4. The client agrees to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees, if after default the client's account is turned over for collection, whether or not the matter is resolved In or out of court, with or without litigation. 5. Any office wishing to hire a TFI-N temporary and placing him/her in any position in the office will be responsible to pay TFI-N current placement fee.